What We Treat

Medical Conditions we can and can't treat

Rust Ave Medical Centre is your traditional General Practice (GP) where we care for you and your family’s health, wellbeing and happiness. We are currently accepting new patients, and can see you for all your GP needs. This website is designed so you can start the enrolment process and book appointments directly through this website.

Rust Ave Medical Centre is powered by Doc Online, meaning doctors can treat many conditions effectively using both in person at the practice (as you are used to), and secure video consultations, from the comfort of home. In order to be seen by virtual consultation, your first visit to Rust Ave Medical Centre needs to be an in person consultation. During video consultations, our doctors use effective questioning, listening and observations skills to provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

We can treat

Some of the common things we can treat using video include:

Needing to see the doctor in person?

What we cannot treat by video consultation:

  • emergency conditions
  • major injuries or bleeding
  • major depression or suicidal tendencies
  • conditions that require a hands-on examination or procedure
  • we cannot prescribe addictive drugs for the first time using video

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